Style Your Zoom Backdrop!

Style Your Zoom Backdrop!

Posted by Andrew Mear

The Zoom backdrop has become a bit of a thing since the switch to working from home in 2020. Over the months we’ve poured over our colleague’s backgrounds to try and get a gauge of what makes them tick and some of us may have switched-up our décor to make our Zoom setting somewhat more appealing.

We’ve created a list of top tips to help you style the ultimate video call backdrop!


Probably the most important thing is the lighting. Not only can it enhance the way you look – giving you the sort of ethereal glow you could only dream of under office strip-lighting – but it can be the base of the perfect background.

Don’t be afraid to switch in different lighting choices depending on the time of day.

During the day natural light can assist in creating a relaxed and calming space, so keep your artificial lighting simple with an elegant lamp. Our Marble Footed White and Gold Retro Lamp offers clean lines with a hint of the Art Deco period without being too fussy – perfect for your daytime backdrop.

Our White Embossed Geo Tall Ceramic Table Lamp is another great option for AM meetings.

As you head into later day calls why not introduce a little more glamour? Our Black and Gold Diffused Tripod Floor Lamp is absolutely gorgeous and almost sculpture-like. Offering some serious backdrop interest, warm lighting tones are enhanced with the gold backdrop to help you to keep look fresh as night-time looms.

As daytime turns to night, you’re most likely to be catching up with family and friends, maybe you’re enjoying a glass of something and you’re feeling super-relaxed. The Ceramic Textured Bottle Lamps are available in gold and silver and feature a black shade which can create just the right relaxed mood.

Clean the Clutter

There’s nothing worse than a busy backdrop. Not only can it divert attention from the call in hand – but it can look unprofessional.

The best solution for clutter is to first have a little sort-out (see our last blog on de-cluttering) but for those items worth keeping, a simple bookcase or shelving solution will do just the trick.

Our bookcase selection features a selection of options to suit most spaces.


Wall Art

A sophisticated piece of artwork can pull your interior together – all while adding a little interest to your Zoom meeting.

Keep your room polished by picking out pieces with hints of colour from your existing furniture and furnishings – this will pull everything together.

Whether it’s a geometric design or something a little softer – local artist Victoria Alderson has created a capsule collection for The Home Company featuring beautiful landscapes and animals from in and around the Yorkshire Dales. With a delicate colour palette they’re a real conversation starter

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