Posted by Andrew Mear

March 2021


Welcome to our brand-new website! We’re thrilled to now offer an online shopping experience to our wonderful customers, and we hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our collections.

As we launch our blog, we felt it apt, that with the nights starting to draw back and the sun shining a teeny-weeny bit more that we’d talk de-cluttering! Enjoy!

Spring most definitely offers the chance to refresh and update the home – and this often starts with a good old fashioned clean and tidy. As it can often seem a daunting task, we’ve broken the job down into manageable chunks to help you make the most of the time for the task at hand!

1. Start with a good clear out!

Take a long hard look through your cupboards – what’s in there that hasn’t seen the light of day for centuries? If it’s sentimental or special, put it to one side, if it’s not, consider donating to charity, car-booting it, or throwing it away if it can’t be recycled.

Clutter on show can be a mental burden, so consider investing in some storage to keep things safe and tidy. Our Chamonix range features a timeless collection of cabinets and drawers to keep your treasured possessions safe. Remember tidy house, tidy mind.

2. Make the most of wall space

Ask yourself if you are making the most of your space? You’d have to have been hiding away in a cave to not have seen the abundance of bookcases on show through the many Zoom meetings and interviews on TV. Personally, we love a bookcase and the pandemic has certainly shown us many ways to style them.

From piling on books, to arranging ornaments and photo frames, they can be practical and stylish, and if you invest in something timeless, it will merge with any interior scheme. Our Salisbury and Grisedale collections offer a variety of bookcase shapes and styles to fit into almost any spot.

3. Kitchen storage

Take a look at your kitchen worktops – are they hoarding items which are just gathering dust?

Think about investing in multi-functional furniture for your kitchen. A wine rack can offer a number of benefits – number one being taking care of those precious bottles, but it can also serve as an excellent console/storage table. The Salisbury Open Sideboard does just this – all while looking incredibly stylish!

4. Hideaway the tech

With more time being spent at home, it’s easy for mess to get out of control – and one of the main culprits for untidiness is often the sitting room with piles of papers, TV’s, games consoles and what ever else seems to accumulate.

A media unit with plenty of storage space and drawers is often a simple, but incredibly useful solution. Hiding away unsightly mess such as wires from the numerous pieces of tech is just one of the benefits – storage comes a close second!

Our Grisedale collection of media units features various shapes and sizes of units crafted from solid oak – which is one of those materials that seems to go with everything, and offers plenty of drawer space for whatever you’re thinking of hiding away!

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