Limited Edition Signed framed prints by Victoria Alderson Art - Mane

Victoria Alderson Art
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I like to mix abstract with fine art, perfectly demonstrated in this painting. His eyes are detailed and focussed but his Mane and body are abstracted to evoke the mood and character of this almighty animal. His Mane is almost electric, creating an idea of his power and magnificence.
All with a simple white Frame so as not to deflect from the artwork
SIZE  Width 54cm x Height 44cm
Alternative Picture Image Sizes and Frames available on Request.


Victoria is a versatile artist, working in all mediums, but specialising in watercolours.

 Her pieces have a calming fluidity, using tones that reflect the current interior design trends. Her colour choices are unexpected and exciting. She mixes abstract painting with fine art. When doing animal portraits she concentrates fine art skills on certain aspects of their features, like their eyes, she focuses attention on the most beguiling part of the composition thereby drawing the viewer in. The rest of the composition is abstracted to evoke a sense of the animal's mood and character. Victoria loves to showcase the fluidity and 3 dimensional aspect of watercolours. Her work is unusual because she uses different techniques, like salt in the paint or drips and blowing out to create these abstract elements in her compositions.

 Victoria is a Yorkshire artist, who has painted all her life and exhibited around Yorkshire. She teaches art, 3 times a week in Embsay and Keighley. Victoria regularly paints commissions including pets, please find her on instagram or Facebook, Victoria Alderson Art.