Highland Stag Door Knocker - Heritage Finish

The Home Company Skipton
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Stag door knockers have now landed at Brass Bee. Our original design, completed in heritage finish is made from solid brass and is one of the latest additions to our range. The inspiration for this piece, the magnificent stag, is perfectly represented in all its glory, with wide, protruding antlers. An inspiring addition to any front door, the knockers are easily fitted with just a handful of screws.

The face and body of the Stag are attached to the striking plate which can be lifted to create the perfect knock on your front door.

A stag symbolism and meanings include the following: Stamina, Virility, Grace, Instinct, Maturity, Regeneration and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Approximate Dimensions Stag:

Width of body - 8cm
Width of antlers - 17cm 
Height of body - 10.5cm 
Height from bottom of body to top of antlers - 16cm
Depth of body - 8cm  
Depth of body and antlers - 10cm


Fixing Information:

Our Brass bee stag knockers are supplied with 3 screws which are easily attached to any type of door whether it be wooden, UPVC or composite doors. The bee is screwed to the door using the 3 screws provided which go through the back plate and no screws will be visible on the inside of the door.


How to care for your Stag door knocker

Your door knocker should just be washed with warm soapy water. Always avoid using abrasive materials which could scratch the surface of your stag.