Stephen Waterhouse - A Man with a Creative Desire!

Stephen Waterhouse - A Man with a Creative Desire!

Posted by Billy Rhodes

For all of you who are familiar with North Yorkshire, we all love a good walk across the countryside, viewing popular attractions stretched out across from the Lister Arms - like Malham Cove, Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Tarn!

Well luckily enough, we've received a new collection of tea towels and coasters beautifully designed by Stephen Waterhouse. View all below: 


We have two different tea towels in stock to please your very eyes with and rest in the comfort of your home to fit perfectly in your kitchen - or where you wish!

These two feature popular North Yorkshire attractions, such as 'Malham Cove' and 'Walks from the Lister Arms' in size A1, covering main walking areas between Skipton and Malham, exquisite for your very own adventure or a niche design to add to your home.

To top this off, we've further stocked up on some stunning black and white coasters as an addition to the 'Walks from the Lister Arms' tea towel, displaying locations like Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar, Malham Cove and even better our favourite wildlife animals such as Hedgehog's, Dipper's, Deer, Wren and Curlew.

What's Stephens' story behind this inspiring work?

Stephen has lived near Malham for the last 7 years and is inspired by the local
landscape and wildlife.
His drawing of Malham Cove was done live on location and then the colour was
added digitally back in his studio. This is available as a Limited Edition 100 canvas and also as a tea towel.
Stephen’s Malhamdale Map was created during the pandemic lockdowns, which gave him a chance to work locally on an idea he had been developing for a few years. He wanted to draw a map or view from above of all the different local walks and scenes that he and his wife have explored with their dog Ruby. It took a few months to create and was very well received by the local community.
He regularly gets asked to create personalised versions of the map which might
include someone’s house, a local business, a pet or some local wildlife.
Stephen is an Illustrator, Author and Educator and has created artwork for picture books, pop-up books, posters, cards, jigsaws, maps, advent calendars, packaging and magazines for 25 years.

Please do check out some of Stephen's work and show him some support!

You can see information about Stephen’s School visits here where he is represented by Authors Abroad:


Stephen is currently creating a new website but the best place to see his work is


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