Go-To Green!

Go-To Green!

Posted by Andrew Mear

Go-To Green!

Vitality, freshness, growth and balance are just a few of the phrases associated with the wonderful colour, green.

Here at The Home Company, we absolutely adore the organic shade, and hear it’s one of the colours that’s going to be making a bold statement as we head into the summer.

Soothing on the eyes, there’s an abundance of shades to choose from too, and we’re taking inspiration from luxury paint producer, Farrow & Ball’s greens. From Green Smoke, to Card Room Green, there’s a tone to suit every preference!

Calming and soothing it has a restorative effect, making it a great choice in any room of the home – particularly the bedroom where rest is top priority.

Green is also a great shade to incorporate into a home office where it can aid concentration, efficiency and focus – and let’s face it – we could all do with some of that!

The versatility of green is something that really appeals to us too – from zesty lime to earthy forest – there’s just so much choice!

Here’s our four top tips for incorporating green into your home!

1. Green goes with almost any other colour – so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to add a little something extra into your home. Cushions are always a

welcome addition – and can be easily swapped in or out of your scheme depending on mood.

We love the Spring Meadow Cushion which looks just fabulous piled onto a bed or on your sofa!


2. Sofas take a lot of flack over the years, which is why choosing a hard-wearing option in a colour that will hide a multitude of sins is essential.

With style and substance, the Forest Green Velvet Sofa is perfect! We also love the subtle nod to the Art Deco period too – gorgeous!



3. Choosing suitable outdoor furniture can be tricky and finding something that will stand the test of time, while being practical is actually quite difficult! But never fear – we’re now stocking B-Bag Bean Bags which are just the ticket for outdoor use – and in lime green too – very on trend!!


4. The humble throw is a real hero product – and while simple, they can add so much more to a room. Draped over a sofa, placed at the end of a bed, or for practical warmth – it’s easy to see why we love them so much. Our Poseidon Green Throw is a firm favourite – and the cute fringing makes it all the more lovely.

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