Floral Fancy

Floral Fancy

Posted by Andrew Mear

August 2021

Floral Fancy

We just love a floral design here at The Home Company.

From large scale decorative floral pattern to delicate designs, a dose of nature can add another dimension into your home interior.

The summer season is the perfect time to add a touch of floral into the home, and whether you choose an all-out scheme or something more subtle, we have a wide array of home accessories and furniture to help you achieve that botanical, just stepped out into the garden feeling.

And our top tips to achieve the look?

1. Floral pattern can take on any vibe. From floaty and feminine to edgy and eclectic, floral design will combine well with an existing theme and look particularly lovely paired with stripes, animal print and geometric – so don’t be afraid to experiment!


2. For something more subtle you know the drill! Add in a few floral cushions or a whimsical throw to your sofa scheme or bedroom. We love the Spring Meadow Cushion which strikes the perfect balance.

3. Make a statement with a heavily patterned piece of furniture. A sofa or a footstool pose the perfect opportunity to incorporate pattern. Keep everything else simple, or go crazy with pattern clashing and layering. The Dales Loire Collection of sofas feature a variety of fabric options, including beautifully crafted patterns.

4. And what could be more lovely than actual blooms?! We are big fans of faux flowers, creating a similar ambience without the disappointment of having to constantly replace, we love our selection of artificial plants and flowers. Favourites are from the orchid collection, which are just perfect for injecting a bit of joy into the home.

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