Colours that Calm

Colours that Calm

Posted by Andrew Mear

Did you know that the ‘happiness receptors’ in human eyes are incredibly sensitive to blue? Think about it, what is more joyful that a beautiful blue sky or even a deep blue ocean?

With this in mind, blue is apparently the interior colour of choice for homes – particularly bedrooms – creating a happy, calming environment.

Mellow yellows and soft greens are also winning shades for homeowners looking to boost their wellbeing and promote a feeling of calm and serenity.

Whether it’s a statement wall or carefully selected accessories, the right shades within a home can enhance much more than wellbeing.

We’re big fans of colour and whether it’s indoor or outdoor décor, we’re stocking collections to bring happiness and joy to your home!

Our pick of the best to boost are:

- A rug can be the final piece to pull a room together. We love the Payton Deep Pile Rug which just so happens is available in a range of delightful shades including, navy, emerald green and a soft mustard!

- For a little pattern the Tanvi Teal Cushion features a printed geometric design. We love the idea of layering the Tanvi with the Monza to create an interior-design led look.

- An accent chair is ideal for cosy corners and smaller areas. The Chloe DG Chinois Jade Chair is gorgeous on its own or merged into an existing sofa-scape.

Shop our website for more ideas on how to fill your home with happiness.

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