Coastal Vibes

Coastal Vibes

Posted by Andrew Mear

Coastal Vibes

We’re all longing for a bit of sun, sand and sea – but what if we could create all the feelings of holiday without having to leave the house?

You can – and we can help you achieve all the feels of a faraway destination right here at the Home Company!

The coastal vibe is all about creating a relaxed and serene home environment. Coastal can also include plenty of colour – not just neutrals and blues!

The modern coastal chic interior mixes plenty of texture such as weathered, faded furniture alongside slubby sofas and soft furnishings. Linen, rattan and rope are traditionally associated with a seaside interior and can be incorporated through carefully selected accessories.

We love the idea of mixing pops of reds, burnt oranges and marine blues alongside whitewashed walls.

Here’s our top picks to create the ultimate coastal retreat:

1. The Derna Driftwood Natural Jute lamp offers the ultimate in laid back lighting, this mixed with the Hampton Whitewash Wood table lamp looks absolutely gorgeous!


2. Natural textures can enhance the feeling of the coast, our Poseidon Natural Linen throw and Cotswold Throw are right on the money.


3. Whitewashed, weathered materials are the very essence of a seaside look and feel. Just picture our Natural Wood and Metal Round Clock on the wall of a faraway beach hut, or our Large Grey Oak Wood Mirror which has the look of a pebble in your Maldivian villa…..

4. A coastal décor isn’t complete without a rustic piece of wall art. Our Square Antique Mirror is so versatile – whether it’s a seaside scape or a something else, it is a complete and utter showstopper!


5. And finally! For those important pops of colour our Malini Luxe Orange and Luxe Bluewing cushions will add just the right balance.

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