Model 03 3 Seater/Chaise Sofa

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Light Grey

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Guaranteed to fit

Assembles in 5 mins

Made to last

15 year frame guarantee


Easy assembly

No one enjoys building furniture. We've made our products so they simply fit together.

Double layered foam

You shouldn't have to compromise on anything. Our products have a double layered foam that makes them super comfortable.

Bio-degradeable plastic

Our plastic is made using d2w plastic, which means after 2 years it's molecular structure changes and is no longer plastic and has become a material which will biodegrade in the open environment in the same way as a leaf.

Guaranteed to fit

Nothing is more frustrating than having to squeeze a sofa through the door frame. These are designed to glide in. No more "PIVOT" 

Swyft-lok technology

Is our way of explaining how our products lock together and stay together with ease.

Tested to BS EN 16139: 2013

Not content with us stating how good our products are, we've also tested them to BS BS EN 16139: 2013. Essentially they try and wreck it with some fancy equipment that is like elephants playing with the sofa.

A sofa in a box

To make life easy for you, all our products are delivered in easy to manage boxes.

15 year frame warranty

We make our products to such a high standard we know that each piece will last a lifetime. Each frame is guaranteed for 15 years.